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The Arizona Supreme Court ordered, effective January 1, 2009, the adoption of Rule 5.2 and Form 8, Rule 84, Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure be adopted. (In the Matter of Petition to Adopt Rule 5.2 and Form 8, Rule 84, Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, Supreme Court of AZ, 2008)

An attorney may make a limited appearance by filing a Notice of Limited Scope Representation, stating the attorney and the party have a written agreement that the attorney will provide limited scope representation to the party and specifying the matter or issues with regard to which the attorney will represent the party. Service on an attorney who has made a limited appearance is valid but does not extend the attorney’s responsibility for representation of the client beyond the specific matter for which the attorney has appeared. Nothing in this rule shall limit an attorney’s ability to provide limited-scope representation without appearing of record in any judicial proceeding.

After completing the task specified in the Notice of Limited Scope Representation, the attorney shall file a Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney with Consent, signed by the attorney and the client, stating the attorney will no longer be representing the party, and stating the last known address and telephone number of the client who will no longer be represented, and shall lodge of form of order to be signed by the court. The attorney shall provide a copy of the notice to the client who will no longer be represented and to all other parties or their attorneys if they are represented by counsel. If the client has not signed a Notice of Withdrawal with Consent, the attorney who has completed the task specified in the Notice of Limited Scope Representation can request by motion to be withdrawn as counsel from the case and such request shall be served on the client and all parties or their attorneys, along with a proposed form of order. After the order is signed, the attorney shall be served the signed copy on the client. If an objection is filed within ten days of service, the court may conduct a hearing to determine whether the task for which the attorney appeared has been completed.

This rule shall be deemed experimental in nature and shall be reviewed in approximately four years by a committee to be appointed by the Supreme Court of Arizona.

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